Online Employer Services


Online Employer Filing and SIDES Registration Instructions

Please read this notice for important updates to online services.

File wage reports and pay unemployment compensation contributions online with ACH debit. Third Party Administrators can file electronically and pay through ACH credit. For ACH credit information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pay delinquent contributions online with ACH debit.

Transmit unemployment information separations electronically!

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) — SIDES is a new web based system that allows electronic transmission of unemployment compensation information requests from unemployment agencies to multi-state employers and/or Third Party Administrators, as well as transmission of replies containing the requested information back to the agencies.

Users with ach debit blocks need to contact their financial institution to inform them of a new company identification number: 1556000814. Payments will appear on your bank statements as WV Treasury.

Important: you will need your Account Number and FEIN to file online.

Enter your account number: The number is preceded by four or five zeroes. You do not have to enter the zeroes when logging in. Note: do not enter dashes. If you enter the dashes, you will receive a message that your number is not found.

FEIN: This is your federal employer identification number. Do not enter dashes.