Guidance Notices and Policies

Guidance Notices Policies

Guidance No. 02.-18 Change 1 Disaster NDWG Eligibility Definitions 6.2021

Guidance No. 02-11 TAA

Guidance Notice No. 02-13-01 Tool Inventory Maintenance Storage Guidance

Guidance No. 02-18-26 Disaster NDWG Eligibility Catagory Definitions

Guidance Notice 5-16 Service Delivery

Guidance Notice 6-16 Eligibility

Guidance Notice 6-16 Eligibility, Change 2

Guidance Notice 7-16 Case Management Follow Up

Guidance No. 08-12 Modified Training Plan to Extend TAA Training Contract Beyond the Initial End Date

Guidance No. 8-13 Computer Purchase Procedure for TAA Participants

Guidance No. 8-14 Eligible State Training Provider List for TAA Participants

Guidance No. 8-16 SP Enrollment for Participants Currently Receiving WIOA DW Formula Funds

Guidance No. 10-12 Full & Part-time Status for TAA Training Participants

Final Guidance Notice No 11-13 WIOA Funding Transfers

Final Guidance Notice No. 12-09-01Training Allowance Policy WFWV

Final Guidance No 14-09-19 Coal NDWG OJTs

Guidance Notice 15-12 Change 2: WFWV Drug Screening 2018

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 3-17 Equal Opportunity Monitoring

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 2-17 Communication with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Persons

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 01-17 - Provision of Career Services

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 01-15 - Designation/Re-Designation

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 02 -15 - Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) Member Nomination Guidelines, WorkForce WV Confirmation Process and Board Certification by the WV Development Board (WVWDB)

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 15 -12 - Workforce Investment Act Participant Drug Screening

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 1 -16 - Conflict of Interest

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 2 -16 - Public Access to Board Meetings

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 3 -16 - Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 4 -16 - Veterans Priority of Service

WFWV Guidance Notice 8-16: Sector Partnership Enrollment for Participants Currently Receiving WIOA DW Formula Funds

WFWV Guidance Notice 9-16: 2016-2020 Requirements for Local Plans

WFWV Guidance Notice 7-16 - Case Management/Follow-Up

WFWV Guidance Notice 10-16 - Supportive Services/Needs Related Payments

WIOA Policy 03-17 Change 1 - Grievance and Complaint Procedures

WFWV WOTC Policy 02-21

WIOA Policy No. 01-19 - Empowered Employment Pilot Program


WIOA Policy No. 6-17 MOU and Infrastructure Guidance Change 1

WIOA Policy No. 06-17 - Memorandum of Understanding/Infrastructure Guidance

WIOA Policy No. 01-17 - Transfer of Funds Between Adult and Dislocated Worker Local Formula

WIOA Policy No. 02-17 - Requesting Additional Funds - Updated

WIOA Policy No. 03-17 - Grievance and Complaint Procedures

WIOA Policy No. 04-17 - Procurement and Selection of One-Stop Operators and Service Providers

WIOA Policy 01-15 - ETPL Change 3

Updated WIOA Policy No. 01-15 - ETPL

WIOA Policy No. 01-15 - WorkForce West Virginia

WIOA Policy 01-16 Incumbent Worker

WIOA Policy 2-16 Priority of Service Policy for Adult Title I Funding

WIOA Policy 3-16 Transitional Jobs Policy

WIOA Policy 5-16 Accessibility & Reasonable Accommodations

Customer Reasonable Accommodation Request Form