West Virginia Bureau of Employment Programs
Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation Wage Reporter
(Before beginning, you should print the following instructions for reference.)

Place cursor over the link that says "Downloading the Wage Report from the Internet" and Right Click.

Click "Save Link As" remembering or making a note where it is saved. (i.e., "My Download Files")

Click Run from the Start Menu and select Browse to go the directory where the file is saved.

Select the file and Click Run.

A message may appear that says "Not Licensed for Distribution."  Click OK.

The Unzip menu will appear.  Click OK to Unzip the files.

The file should extract to c:\Temp Directory

Click Run from the Start Menu and run "Temp\Setup.exe" and it should install.

The files will copy to your directory.  This will take a few minutes.

If there are problems, see the Problem List and Remedies.

After installation is complete you will want to install the Bar Code Font.

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